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  • 3 hours 30 minutes
  • Houston

Service Description

Knowing your WHY helps you stand out from everyone else who does what you do. The WHY.operating system (WHY.os) Discovery reveals: WHY you do what you do, HOW you bring your WHY to life, and WHAT others can ultimately count on from you. Your WHY.os is the full 3D image of who you are at your core. With your WHY you gain clarity on your driving force. With your HOW, you will be able to see how you internally operate and your WHAT shows you externally message yourself and what you bring to the table. The WHY Discovery consists of roughly 1500 question choices, however you will only have to answer about 10 to 12 questions to discover your WHY. Each answer uses logic to give you the right next question while it triple checks your answers to reveal your specific WHY based on what drives you. Certified WHY Coach and Chief Brand Strategist, Tanika Vital-Pringle, Global MBA will personally conduct your WHY Discovery.os using the AI powered digital platform. She will work with you 1:1 to provide transformation across 3 personalized sessions (total of 3.5 hours) where she will explore your WHY, HOW and WHAT. These discovery and coaching sessions can be conducted in-person or virtually. You will receive a completed personalized dashboard with the following: 1️⃣ Your WHY - why you do what you do. Personally, professionally and every day of your life. 2️⃣ Common phrases your WHY would say as well and what people would say about you 3️⃣ WHY summary and video explanation 4️⃣ Breakdown of your WHY's characteristics, challenges, solutions, relational and factors 5️⃣ Famous people who share your WHY 6️⃣ Your HOW - how you bring your WHY to life and how you internally process information 7️⃣ Your WHAT - what people can ultimately count on from you. What you bring to the table and what you bring to the world. 8️⃣Simple WHY.os statement, along with a summary of your WHY.os 9️⃣Completed Venn Diagram with links to your results, downloadable PDFs of your WHY, HOW, and WHAT, videos on how to apply your WHY.os to your business, relationships and career, as well as next steps to further live your WHY.os. 🔟 20-minute follow-up session with your Personal Brand Strategy Coach

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