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Leadership in Digital Innovation, Branding + Marketing

For the past decade, the Brand Rebirth Founder has led brand innovation and industry disruption across different globally-focused roles at Royal Dutch Shell. She is a multi-lingual transformational story maker who has used brand repositioning to reach thousands of customers and over 7 million Millennials.


Tanika Vital-Pringle has had repeated success with using an omni-channel creative mix that harnesses the power of Social, Mobile, Traditional/Digital TV, Online and Print to increase brand equity.


In May 2018, Tanika directed the wildly successful launch of the Shell Polymers brand (a privately-funded start-up) to over 56,000 industry stakeholders representing 100+ countries in May 2018.

Her work, team and agency leadership was recognized by the CEO, Royal Dutch Shell, Ben van Beurden (pictured), with the 2018 Shell Brand Excellence Awards: Winner, Best Business-to-Business (B2B) Campaign, for “outstanding contribution to building and protecting the Shell Brand, our most valuable asset.”

Shell Polymers Best Brand Campaign Award

Tanika Vital-Pringle on location with Royal Dutch Shell, CEO, Ben van Beurden

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