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Training and Development
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We are hyper focused on growing your 'people brand', building your Teams, Employee Resource Groups and Project Teams.

We offer extensive training and development options that allow us to transform talent on teams and organizational brands that are on the verge of 'quiet quitting' or recovering from regret associated with the great resignation. 

 We build the organizational brand from the inside-out by using a unique blend of transformative (Strengths + WHY) coaching, consulting, brand strategy know-how coupled with interactive facilitation skills
in both English or Spanish.

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 Experiential Workshops

Team WHY.os®

This is the ultimate 4-hour 'personal brand attribute building' experience that empowers teams to discover their WHY, HOW and WHAT as a means to achieving their first step in self awareness. Your team will be taken through a full self-discovery workshop, learn the different 9 WHYs and how to articulate who they are and how they operate as a team. Attendees will leave with a tangible understanding of how to work together and build a full WHY Matrix of the team. Team WHY.os IMMERSIVES are deep dives with more time for breakout groups, and interactive kinetic fireside chats that further develop leadership potential that run from 6-8 hours total.

How To Create Authentic Strengths®-Based Teams

Tailor-made experiences where attendees will complete the CliftonStrengths® assessment online to uncover their natural talents and learn how to harness their top talents and strengths for greater personal productivity and engagement. Leaders and teams walk away with a greater appreciation of their individual and collective talents. Bespoke solutions are available for Individuals, Leaders and Teams in 4, 6 and 8 hour formats.

Cultural Competence & Humility Training

Tanika Vital-Pringle, Global MBA is a Gallup -Certified Strengths Coach in both Leadership and Teams Coaching.

This 4-hour experiential Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB) training allows participants to develop an inclusive mindset and ultimately begin to feel a greater sense of belonging within a company's organizational culture. Key DEIB issues in the workplace like cultural humility and implicit bias are explored, along with global frameworks that look at the '10 Variables Toward Global Cultural Orientations' by continent. Interactive activities are infused to allow participants to be able to dig deep within to craft their personal brand stories using a cross-cultural and interacultural lens.

Leaning Into Your Personal Core Values

Help teams build authentic personal brands by empowering them to create core values and operationalize them for themselves. Using Brand Rebirth's Core Values Kit that contains over 250 amazing options, participants will learn how to align their personal core values with the organization's to create a shared commitment over this half-day experience.


Develop Your Organizational Core Values

Create intentional core values for your organization or refresh the ones that you have using Brand Rebirth's Core Values Kit that contains over 250 amazing options. Helpful infographics, breakout sessions and core value insights from top global brands like Zappos and Women-Owned Businesses will help you to develop and embed your values over the course of this half-day experience. Perfect for new projects, divisions & companies!

Audacious Wellbeing for Women

This 3-hour wellbeing and mental health spa is the antidote to burnout and quiet quitting. It focuses on the 5 wellbeing elements that people need to thrive in their lives, based on Gallup's Net Thriving index. Women rate their current state across 5 wellbeing elements that have an additive effect on performance and health. Attendees are guided through the completion of a robust Wellbeing Action Plan that leverages insights from CliftonStrengths® to create the most transformational treatment to build resilience and thriving teams.

How to Build HER Personal ‘WHY Brand’

Using Brand Rebirth’s proprietary ‘WHY Brand’ framework, this 2.5-hour experience will help professional women learn how to develop a vision based on her WHY for where she wants to land in her career/life. She will also learn how to build brand attributes, personal core values and a strong purpose statement, discern unique strengths and supercharge her wellbeing, Ultimately, she will understand what it takes to have a strong leadership presence, become a stronger authority within the organization and increase her ability to grow tribes of excellence.

From WHY to Purpose

Create a bold affirmation for your organization's reason for being. You will finish this 4-hour experience with a meaningful purpose statement that will be the driving force in helping you to truly define or redefine your company's brand and strongly enrich your company culture. Simon Sinek's "Golden Circle Framework" and the WHY Institute's WHY Operating System (.os) will be modeled, triangulated and applied to multiple B2B and B2C brands via a plethora of brand case studies.

Create Your Bold Prevision

This 4-hour experience will create focus, inspire bold ideation and help you to land on a solid prevision statement that will inspire employees and clients to commit, persist and give their best. There will be no need to confuse mission statements with prevision statements anymore because you will be guided on how to create a future-focused, directional and audacious statement. Various companies encompassing global tech, transportation, healthcare, non-profit and media will be benchmarked to help you land in the right place.

Mission___ Storymaking

This 3-hour training experience will increase your ability to utilize both storytelling and storymaking for your brand and business expansion. You will receive coaching on how to create your own brand story through theory, application and practice. Multiple examples featuring both Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) brands, along with Women-Owned Business examples are featured as well.

Brand Authenticity

This 2.5 - hour masterclass will enable your brand to have a stronger emotional connection with your customers. Inspiring brand studies of up and coming Women-Owned Business will help you visualize success with your brand. You will be empowered to ask and answer the big questions yourself so that you can increase your organizations's brand authenticity factor. We will define, model and benchmark authenticity with global (male-owned) and woman-owned brands that are highly valued. Ultimately, you will walk away with practical tips on how to radiate personal authenticity into your brand with the bonus content as well.

So, Really, What Is a Brand? (Brand Strategy in 10 Steps!)

This premier 2.5- hour masterclass on branding will help you learn strategies from Fortune 500 companies, attract more customers and rebirth your brand. Follow 10 actionable steps to build an iconic B2B, B2C brand and Personal Brand Unearth your company's unique brand attributes and achieve powerful differentiation Make your brand soar when architecting a comprehensive Fortune 100-standard 'Brand Rebirth Brand Pyramid' (foundational structure) and applying the 4Ps of Branding to your business Learn from 12 brands representing various industries, Women-Owned Businesses and countries

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