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Brand Studies


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Shell Polymers


To develop the brand (strategy, positioning, naming, architecture, measurement, marketing strategy & creative), brand launch and culture build-out from the ground-up for a newly created Royal Dutch Shell business unit. 

Shell Polymers Ad
Shell Polymers Brand Launch Media Mention
Shell Polymers Brand Launch at NPE 2018 with Robots
Ben van Beurden, CEO, Shell
Shell Polymers Brand Launch @ NPE 2018 Plastics Show
NPE Launch Video at the Booth


In Tanika Vital-Pringle's role as Head of Brand, Shell Polymers, she changed the brand trajectory of this business by building the brand from the inside-out. 

Built corporate brand department, comprehensive brand pyramid model (including Core Values, Purpose, Prevision, Personality, etc.)  and identity guidelines from the ground up, hired new employees and contractors all while leveraging the talents of 50 individuals across 11 global agencies


Delivered the company’s wildly successful first global brand launch to an industry audience of 56,000, representing 100+ countries and exceeded commercial sales objectives

Brand launch campaign consisted of 100+ distinct pieces of print and digital creative and leverage highly experiential executions

Created a unified culture and tribe through 2,000+ hours of brand evangelism and education training, and powerful experience-based engagements with employees and senior leaders


Delivered sizable Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) in 24 months by leveraging "big data" across multiple touch points, to build a brand strongly rooted in innovation, customer experience and storytelling

The Shell Polymers Brand Launch was recognized by the CEO, Royal Dutch Shell, Ben van Beurden, with the 2018 Shell Brand Excellence Awards: Winner, Best Business-to-Business (B2B) Campaign (company-wide) for "outstanding contribution to building and protecting the Shell Brand,our most valuable asset"

SBI Brand Excellence Awards Screengrab.J

Quality Dialysis



Brand Rebirth worked with this established Women-Owned Business in a multi-phased approach by conducting the following:

Brand Roots Rebirth Ideation Session
Brand Roots Rebirth Ideation Session
Quality Dialysis Logo
Purpose Rebirth Ideation Session
Cynthia Barclay, CEO, Quality Dialysis

Situational analysis and digital marketing mix audit of used and unused channels

Brand Roots Rebirth Bundle Ideation Sessions consisting of Core Values, Prevision and Purpose 

To strengthen Quality Dialysis’ marketing efforts amidst the increasing competition of smaller players and the oligopoly that national dialysis chains have on the End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) market


The multiple Brand Roots Ideation sessions resulted in bespoke Core Values, Prevision and Purpose statements that the company used to strengthen internal and external branding initiatives.

Brand Rebirth also liaised with Quality Dialysis’ agency providers to apprise them of the new brand platform and provided support for upcoming television advertising campaigns.

The final report out revealed key branding and marketing insights, rankings and strategies on how to become more competitive in the healthcare (Dialysis) brand ecosystem.


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