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Executive Coaching

We are passionate about helping leaders get unstuck, increasing emotional intelligence (EQ), authenticity and communication effectiveness, all while driving stronger team performance. 

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Comprehensive Personal Brand Leadership Program

WHY.os Discovery for Leaders

Strengths Coaching for Managers

Wellbeing Coaching Series


Show Me The Money!

A Complimentary Webinar Presentation on How to Calculate Investment Costs Asociated with

Personal Branding + Executive Coaching

What is the first step in achieving self-awareness?  Determining your WHY is an essential starting point for my coaching journey with you and your organization as a Certified - WHY Coach. 

"When you know your WHY, your WHAT has a greater impact".

Delivering Package

Establish authority in both your internal and external market place.

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Rebirth your personal brand.

Gain Confidence, Clarity + Direction
with these

Personal Brand Leadership Coaching is a 12-session transformative multi-phase program that builds leadership abilities, clarifies personal purpose and ultimately helps emerging executives and high potential leaders establish credibility and authority within their company and beyond. 

  • 12 coaching sessions

  • Leadership WHY BRAND Discoveries, Personal Values and Behaviors and Strengths assessments 

  • Monthly progress reports

  • E-mail access throughout the entire program

  • Zoom or face-to-face sessions in the greater Houston, Texas area in The States

  • BONUS access to all Rebirth U Learning video courses 

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We apply the same rigor that we do for Fortune 500 corporate brands to curate a personal brand strategy and activation plan just for you. 

Discover Your WHY 

WHY Brand Coaching  begins with WHY.os Discovery, an in-depth personal transformation session that reveals WHY you do what you do, HOW you bring your WHY to life, and WHAT others can ultimately count on from you. This is an essential first step in your journey to experience total brand rebirth in your personal brand. 


Once you discover your WHY.os, you will take it with you everywhere you go because you were born with it and it will be a part of you forever. Receiving coaching on your WHY.os  will allow you to nurture this precious seed to flourish into a healthy beautiful flower that will continue to grow as you apply it and share it with colleauges, family members and friends.


In addition to coaching with a WHY Institute Certified Coach, you will receive a:

  • Completed Venn diagram with your WHY.os Discovery results

  • Downloadable PDFs of your WHY, HOW and WHAT

  • Videos on how to apply your WHY Brand to business, relationships and career

  • Next steps to further live your WHY Discovery and build out your complete WHY BRAND



To help 1 billion people discover and make decisions based on their WHY.

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