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On-Demand Video Modules + Live Learning


Top brands of the world invest heavily in their strategic brand infrastructure and continuing education and so should your company. 

Brand Bedrocks Module

 On-Demand Video Masterclasses

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Brand Roots Module

 On-Demand Video Masterclasses

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  • ORGANIZATIONS: Small Business Development Programs, Entrepreneurship Centers, Corporate Learning Departments, Continuing Education Programs, Non-For Profit Leaders, Innovation Hubs, Accelerators and Franchisors + Franchisees

  • INDIVIDUALS: Rock Star Leaders + Gamechangers, Women-Owned Businesses, Women-Run Businesses, Founders, Women Department Heads, New CMO/CBOs, Marketing Professionals/Teams, HR Leaders,  Project Leads and University Administrators

Who Is Rebirth Learning U Designed For?

Are you looking for top grade brand training for your Innovation Accelerator, Small Business Development Program, Center of Excellence or Learning Program?

Does Branding = Marketing in your mind?

Do you want to develop capabilities in brand building with employees at your firm?

Do you need Executive Coaching on how to build a more authentic brand, but do not have the budget to spend >$10K on high-end brand learning to obtain the knowledge and know-how?

Do you need DIY coaching on how to maintain authenticity on both your personal and business brand?

Are you a business owner or organizational leader with no formal brand experience, but you believe in making strategic investments to grow your business? ​

Do you feel the need to level up on how to achieve powerful differentiation with your brand management and/or marketing programs?

Do you need help crafting your brand story or leading others to do so?

Do you know how to distinguish between a vision, purpose and mission statement?

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Scroll down and learn about
Rebirth U Learning,
Brand Rebirth's  University of Brand & Professional Development, where you can sit on your couch, desk or anywhere, log in and immerse yourself in the world of brand building.

Rebirth U Learning

We realize that sometimes you need a brand knowledge boost for your organization.  
Rebirth U Learning is Brand Rebirth's University of Brand and Professional Development that offers Instructor-Led ON-DEMAND VIDEO MODULES and LIVE LEARNING.

Rebirth U Learning has a purpose of "democratizing Ivy-League brand strategy principles for Women-Owned Businesses and beyond".

We mentor, teach, educate and train individuals and departments on proven brand strategies via on-demand brand masterclasses.

Rebirth U Learning content has been curated and recorded by Brand Rebirth's highly experienced Chief Brand Strategist, Tanika Vital-Pringle.

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Rebirth U Learning 
Masterclass Previews

Rebirth U Masterclass Previews

Rebirth U Masterclass Previews

Rebirth U Masterclass Previews
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