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Rebirth Your Brand 

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Banish Burnout!
Build a Burnout Proof Brand Culture TODAY

Guiding leaders and teams to operate in 
Purpose, Passion and Authenticity


C-Suite Leader

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Emerging Leader/Manager

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Virtual Teams

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Discover your WHY BRAND
Live your WHY BRAND
Empower your tribe with the

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We are a boutique leadership development and
brand strategy agency that develops WHY BRANDS for leaders and teams.

We use research-backed tools - WHY Discovery | Gallup Clifton Strengths Assessments | Proprietary Brand Pyramid Framework to deliver rebirth every time.

Ultimately, we build PERSONAL and ORGANIZATIONAL brands from the inside out by coaching individuals and training teams.


Certified Coach

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Discover Your Why 

Discovering your WHY is an essential first step in your journey to experience total rebirth in your personal WHY BRAND journey. 
Once you discover your WHY, you will take it with you everywhere you go because you were born with it and it will be a part of you forever. Receiving coaching on your WHY will allow you to nurture this precious seed to flourish into a healthy beautiful flower that will continue to grow as you apply it and share it with colleagues, family members and friends.


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Show Me The Money!

A Complimentary Webinar Presentation on How to Calculate Investment Costs Asociated with

Personal Branding + Executive Coaching

 Keynote Speeches

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Hi! I am Tanika Vital-Pringle (company founder) and my WHY is that I believe that success happens when we think outside the box and challenge the status quo.  

I want you to have more joy and peace in life, build stronger authority in your organization and industry and grow tribes with excellence.

I help Executives, Leaders, Managers and Teams 'rebirth' their personal brands and strengthen their employer brands (organizational cultures) as well. I look forward to working with you! 



We Offer 3 Paths
To Achieve Extraordinary



White Structure


To help individuals and organizations
boldly unleash authenticity and thrive!


Grab complimentary digital branding content below!

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Get clarity on your purpose and build
a timeless personal brand. 

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Barbara F. Greene,
CEO & Founder
Green & Associates

San Antonio, TX

Tanika Vital-Pringle is a superb facilitator and speaker. She was part of the WBEA Leading Edge Program as a featured Branding/marketing guru. After 25 years in business and seeing lots of speakers, I was inspired by Tanika. I was able to apply what I learned to my business. Thank you Tanika!!!

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Cynthia Barclay
Chairman of the Board & Former CEO, Quality Dialysis 
Houston, TX

Tanika Vital-Pringle conducted a brand and marketing audit for Quality Dialysis in the past and I decided to work with her again as an Executive Coach.  After building a successful healthcare company as a CEO for over 30 years, I desired coaching to help me successfully transition into my role as Chairman of the Board. Discovering my WHY, learning my strengths and jointly processing how to leverage my emotional intelligence in my new endeavors was a rewarding experience. I look forward to new challenges and would recommend working with Tanika as an Executive Coach or Corporate Trainer".

Elegant Female

Jillian Smith,
Marketing Director, Global CPG Company 
Atlanta, GA

Tanika is a thoughtful and passionate marketer. She uses great tools to help her clients get to the why / heart of decisions and pathways. As a fellow marketer, I appreciate the art of really probing to understand end-user needs before jumping to solutions. In the personal brand space, the Why assessment and Strength-Finders tools are really great to start with understanding those needs. However, it's the creative culmination of her years of experience + tools + analysis + marketing passion that make the work with her meaningful and worth the personal investment.

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Certified Woman Minority Owned 

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